Dacia sandero

Dacia sandero
Predictably, after the resounding success of the Logan and its different versions, Dacia launched today a new 5-door sedan more compact, based on the same platform but hatchback. This time we’re spoiled because not only does this positioning Sandero surfs the low cost that made the success of its big sister, but even more to offer similar rates.From the first glance, there is a substantial step forward in design and perceived quality. The bow large, vibrant, very finally Renault Scenic, appears somewhat qualitative: a working body encircles the optical cover incorporates the best sprinkler wiper, a chrome bar grille dominates, and shields so inspiring RX4 serious and robustness. Even the logo was modernized to make it a little more worthy.In profile, the style is less refined than the Logan we find a powerful design with minimal body work, shaped wings marked by a bump and doors. These are highlighted by impressive bass protections that limit the damage in car parks of supermarkets, without excessively penalizing the fluidity of the line.The Sandero is able to circulate throughout Europe on all types of roads, the ground clearance of 155 mm and underbody protection gives it a certain versatility, which can also be asserted by an SUV body kit available soon.
With its 4.2 meters, the Sandero is the smallest model in the Dacia range. It plays well in the courtyard of the Renault Clio but still retains the main advantage that made the success of the Romanian manufacturer, namely an excellent livability. Indeed, faced with a Clio III, the wheelbase lengthened by only 2 centimeters to just 2.59 meters, but the fineness of the seats and seat release a lot of room.The rear passengers can thus move their legs and shoulders, without even touching the ceiling of the head. What you ask for! The trunk is a reference, it displays a capacity of 320 liters and 1200 liters with the same folding bench 2 / 3 – 1 / 3 (available as an option) against respectively 288 and 1038 dm3 in a Clio III.The Sandero is available with four equipment levels: “Sandero, Ambiance, Laureate and Prestige,” and finishes with three dashboard more or less nice. In Europe we do not joke with security for the 7800 euro entry is already equipped with ABS (with emergency brake assist AFU) and two airbags. It is nothing less than the expectations of the majority of buyers of such vehicles, which for 7800 euros and 3 year warranty, do not complain about the lack of electric windows, Isofix fixings or the central lock.For 700 euros extra finish “Ambiance” includes such as power steering, central locking and height adjustments to the steering wheel and driver seat. It opens the way for a particular list of interesting options: manual air conditioning at 890 euros to 290 euros or receiver side airbags front head and chest at 240 euros.With 800 euros more, the equipment of a “winner” is a bit more flattering with its four airbags, folding his seat 1 / 3 – 2 / 3 or the power windows. The optional alloy wheels are finally accessible through 440 euros.Finally, to 10900 euro, the upmarket version “Prestige” is hosting a little leather, air conditioning (manual) and the receiver. In terms of disappointments, we found a driver’s seat adjustable certainly, but still too high pitched and keeping it very rough. By cons, we were surprised by the good soundproofing of the cabin.
Sandero recovered drives for the Logan to realize some economies of scale. Pending the necessary diesel 1.5 dCi 70 and 85 hp (120 g CO2 per km) but most modern arriving later, only two petrol engines 1.4 liter MPI 75 hp and 1.6 liter MPI 87 hp are available.There are only few differences between the two, the 1.6 liter is a little easier to move the body and the 1.4 liter seems to revolve more around. Also little difference on paper, where both are fairly fuel efficient despite their laziness, and are being penalized with a penalty: 200 euros for the 1.4 liter that emits 165 g CO2 / km, and 750 euros for the 1.6 liter and 170 grams of CO2 per km! For a body of just 980 kg and a box so long, we say a big “ouhhhhhh” Renault / Dacia on this one!The gearbox precisely, 5 speed, is quite accurate but it is not uncommon to find a final report unfortunately does not exist on some highways. Note that the 1.4 liter MPI is not available in matt “Prestige” and the 1.6 liter MPI is proposed that from finishing Winner at 9800 euros.
First ride in a straight line and road deteriorated as a Shadok Sanderopumped … This is great for us to prepare for two hours the little yacht that will take us later on the beautiful island of Hvar in Croatia.
Otherwise, after this first interview, Sandero has been rather disciplined. It uses the platform of the Logan B. The body remains fairly stable in all circumstances and roll and pitch are well controlled despite the ride height consistent. The steering is fairly precise and informative, but the relatively light front end, suffers from the lack of traction control. Despite this, the handling is correct with a good grip when cornering and driving dynamics do not scare him. It will still need to pay attention to the excesses of optimism that would disclose the design “old school” and its tendency to oversteer at the input curve and understeer to surveys foot. Note that the ABS (with emergency brake assist and brakeforce distribution AFU EBV) are available from the entry-level finishing.
So tell me, the real secret to success is price. This is not false, but any manufacturer can not achieve such a result. Indeed, starting from a base of Logan, the standard process of production is completely changed: no prototype, designed computer models, economies of scale through mass use of parts of the group (70% of the parts the Logan) and a design based around a constant final cost.Those who are not satisfied the entry level they consider outdated, can move toward the high end that is in any case a reference in terms of value for money against any challenger. I should not say, but it is a blow to the market this opportunity!
The Sandero is a practical and economical car, petrol engines have very powerful, but stick perfectly to the needs of prospective buyers.Totally in the spirit of the Logan, the Sandero advantage of the same strengths: good habitability, reliability and robustness for ultra compressed rates with a 3 year warranty or 100,000 km. There is also a more modern design for similar rates.More than a Dacia shrinks, the more it seems flattering. If we follow the same reasoning, we are eager to discover a city in the range! The Sandero will be available June 27 in concessions, orders have started May 22 Commercial success for sure.